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The opening ceremony of SAMAP Ningde

On the morning of September 3rd 2019, the opening ceremony of SAMAP Ningde subsidiary was held at No.3 Xingye Road, SAIC Park, Ningde.


In the clang of gongs and drums, and the exultation of online lions, the celebration officially began at 9:18 am. Mr. Jean-Philippe Roth, General Manager of SAMAP and Mr. Cloud Wang, Deputy General Manager of SAMAP came to the stage to give a warm welcome to the visiting guests and expressed sincere thanks to the hard-working organizers and builders. They said that sunroof is our business and first intention, and we are full of enthusiasm to share our experience with customers. SAMAP is now widely recognized in the sunroof industry and is the most important partner of SAIC. Then, the guests together make the finishing touch for the line lion and light up the bright future of Ningde subsidiary.


Ming Wu, the representative of STEC, Mingqiang Chen, the representaive of SAMAP BOD, and Yangying Chen, the representative of the park's construction party and management party, also delivered speeches respectively, and they gave sincere wishes to the opening of Ningde plant.


The management team of SAMAP Ningde subsidiary is under the leadership of the Factory Director Ronald Wang. This solemn oath is not only a promise, but also an unshakable responsibility; it is also a pressure, and a constant driving force!


"The wood that holds together is born in the least; the platform of nine layers is born in the base soil". Today, the first panoramic sunroof of Ningde factory is offline. In the future, tens of millions of sunroofs will be assembled from Ningde.


2019 is a challenging year. Let's share the difficulties and weather. We believe that Ningde will be our blessing. All the employees of SAMAP will adhere to the belief of "peace, wisdom and gratitude" and jointly create a better future!