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The 4th SAMAP Sports Day

On November 8, 2019, SAMAP held the 4th SAMAP Sports Day with the theme of "Widen Your Vision".


On a sunny day, more than 300 SAMAP employees gathered in new SAMAP uniforms and 8 teams were ready to go. First of all, Mr. Jean-Philippe Roth, General Manager of SAMAP and Mr. Cloud Wang, Deputy General Manager of SAMAP, delivered opening speeches to all the employees. They hoped that the employees would keep exercising, keep healthy, and go all out in the sports day to show the style of the athletes!


Before the start of the competition, the eight teams, under the leadership of two general managers, played a lively wave of people. Each team has taken out a full mental outlook, loudly shouting out its own team name and unique slogans to show the style of each team.


The first is the single player competition. The audience gathered around the venues with great interest and watched the competitions. Standing long jump, plank support and push up represent the competition of traditional strength. Usually looking at the gentle male colleagues showed a surprising explosive force, the scene is very warm. In the competitions of table tennis, billiards, rope skipping and shuttlecock kicking, we saw the competition of employees in terms of technology and endurance. In the field of Chinese chess and Gobang, you can see the sparks of the players' thinking collision in the quiet air. What a smart contest! After the single event, the group event will begin! Long rope jumping, relay race and tug of war all need cooperation and tacit understanding. In order to achieve good results, everyone has made great efforts. The slogan of concerted efforts, the sweat of hard work and the full spirit of fighting are scattered in every corner of the field.


After a fierce competition, we had the first three teams! Mr. Jean-Philippe Roth and Mr. Cloud Wang presented awards to the top three teams and congratulated them on their achievements.


The 4th SAMAP Sports Day was successfully concluded. Everyone in front of and behind the stage is indispensable for the success of the games. Pay tribute to all participants!